Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vote for Cycle Chalao

Your 2 mins to Vote for Cycle Chalao! at 'Spark the rise' competitioncan help us get funded for the year! Deadline is 31st October, 2011, Vote now and make it count!

Here's what to do in next 2 mins:

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  • Copy and Paste this Tweet About Us:
    Help Cycle Chalao! Get Funded, your vote can help put 100s of bicycles on streets n save tonnes of pollution! Click

    Post this status update on your profile:
    Are you frustrated of covering the short distances of your travel by Taxi's, Autorickshaws and your motorvehicle (honk! honk!) wish we had bicycles everywhere and anywhere to cover the first and last kilometers of our journey?
    Give a minute and Vote for Cycle Chalao! before 31st October and spread this to five of your friends!
You will be soon hearing from us again with much exciting news and updates all of which happens because at times when we needed most help, it was you who coached us, inspired us and gave us the skills to building this green venture!

We wish you & your family Happy Diwali - Festival of Lights!
- Team Cycle Chalao!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Mumbai Mirror started a poll on 3rd June with a title "If city roads get cycle-worthy would you use cycles to travel?". Respond was gathered through sms, (MTPOLL leave a space and send your opinion to 58888). Also you can call and leave your message. You can also email to The final result was published today of the poll.
Please note poll is over...

And it was a very positive poll result.
Amazing to see 90% of people voting yes for using cycle if it was worth and why not European and Western countries are an example.

on the other hand Mumbai Mirror has started a poll for existing roads. Now i wonder even if cycling lanes come up in Mumbai at some places; It will be a dangerous situation if the cycling tracks develop pot holes.

Saturday, May 30, 2009



Some 50 to 60 cyclists turned up for the 6th CM. Most of them couldn't make it. may be it is too hot to ride and most of them come from far off.
Why count just ride :)
This time we also noticed a lot of new faces. And most of them are so enthusiastic about the whole cycling thingy.
We started at 5:30 pm. And headed towards Bandra Carter road again this time.
As Ranjiv Jhangani had invited us (cyclists) for the event organized by Ranjiv and his team members of KBS Association (Khar, Bandra, Santracuz Association) for Cycling track implementation along with awarness drive and traffic analyzing with Colin and Faizan of Open Bicycles Project.

For more info

Chief quest was Harish Baijal Deputy commissioner of police (traffic); some may not know him. But his work and implementations are famous among many people (for eg Drunk driving campaign, Helmet among two wheelers).

there were some 200+ people for the event along with cyclists.

After the introduction and speech one of the BMX rider (Vigesh) did some Flatland stunds for the audiance and the by standers. It was fun lot of people garthered near the spot.
Some of them were missing as they have BMX race going on in Khar side.They also screened two movies on bogota a place in columbia where cyclovia was implemented, once in a week roads are closed for all automobiles.

Lets hope for the best and keep cycling; some time in future we can see dedicated cycling lanes in Mumbai and for now atleast in KBS. (Even after its implementation i hope people don't miuse it).

More pics of Critical Mass; thanks to Ashok.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Critical Mass the coming Saturday – 28 Mar 09
Meeting point at Shivaji Park Dadar(w) 5 pm.

More critical mass posters by Renny and our page for the critical Mass. Join up ! Spread the word.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


23rd Feb I was in Thane (yehoor) forest for Mahashivrati Vigil.
Along with my friends and brother. We traveled by BEST Bus.

As every one knows Powai road are in pathetic condition.
I was shocked to see Powai IIT walls demolished and also many trees chopped to make roads wide. For many people this will be a relief for some time (including we cyclist who use road sides).

Wait till 23rd March "TATA NANO" world cheapest car comes in Indian Market.

I can see people owing 2 to 3 Nano cars at one home. one each for all family members. And also one for their pet. :D

All place near road sides will be occupied by Car owners, rickshaw, Truckers and other motorist, as usual in most part of the world.

And not to forget Mumbai's second life line "Best buses" blocking the whole road to load, unload passengers.

End result all commuters will be frustrated. Only civil contracts, Govt officials will be happy as every one gets their share of money.

But in a long run will this help???

Most of the 5 lane expressways in the world are also clogged during peak hours.

So this lands to a simple solution.

BRT and Inspire people to take up Cycling. Will also need some more soultion in future.

Also Controlling the Population in India.

Monday, March 2, 2009


This time only 48 cyclists turned up for the ride.May be because of the exams around. So may be kids are busy studying and some forcing their kids to study.

Brian came for the ride. He is 70+ years old, and still rides approx 15km daily. Thank you for coming brain, from all the mumbai-bikers.
Gagan had come all the way from Pune to Mumbai. He happen to come for the critical mass ride.
Thank you for joining us.

This time we really enjoyed CM as we could interact with lot of college students and family near to Welingkars, Podar, Ruia college.

Roads were crowded at places, which is good that we can be noticed. But at some places vehicles were also more. But there were no casualty, as we were in a group.

Please people who ever comes for Critical Mass ride. Please wear a helmet. (a local one cost 350 to 400 rupess(kamachi brand), please check helmet availability with shops

1) #5, Opera House New Queens Road Girgaon Mumbai-400004 Landmark: Opp. Charni Road Station Phone: 022-23678801, 022-23677570
2) #421 Kalbadevi Road Kalbadevi Mumbai-400002 Phone: 022-22014031, 022-22014032

Mumbai Suburbs
Hyper city (Malad)

Central side
Firefox Thane

coming to the point.

we distributed some critical mass fliers to the college folks and also to a teacher. I Wish he puts up on the college notice board.

College students reading this post, if you can help us in posting details and interacting with few guys in the college will help us spread the word.

Few images from March CM

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mumbai Third Critical Mass is here are you riding???

Date & Time: Saturday 28th FEB 2009 5:15PM(ones with rental plans arrive earlier)
Meet Point: Shivaji Park (Near Tennis Court)
End Point: Shivaji Park (Near Tennis Court) Its a LOOP!!
Ride Distance: 6Kms approx.
Dress Code: White, Preferably
Considered Compulsory: Helmet/CAP (Helmets are a life saver. A one time investment can save you from a lot of time and injury)

Shivaji Park- Tilak Bride via Plaza Cinema- Cross 1st Circle under Flyover- Left on Mancherji joshi Rd- Five Gardens-St.Joseph School- VJTI/Khalsa/Don Bosco- Maheshwari Circle- Loop Around to take road leading to Matunga(Central)- Podar/Ruia College rd-Left from DPs Hotel junction towards Highway-Take highway to Tilak Bridge -Cross Sena Bhavan junction to Shivaji Park .

Critical Manners :
• Please follow lane discipline and road signals where necessary.
• This is not a Race, but a silent march. Be Proud not in a Hurry :)
• A Helmet should become your ALL TIME best friend every time you cycle.
• We are NOT a group/organization/party-just a bunch of people who have together with a single passion in mind- Cycling!
• Please Carry Water with you ( Backpacks/ Bottle Holders)
• This will be peak hour time so some locations maybe clogged with traffic. Be Careful and Alert.
• There is no leader/ organizer for Critical Mass. You are on your own but we co-exist around each other.

P.S- All those coming for cycle rentals please go to the cycle rental shop near mahim well in advance.(address and contact)
Carry Photo ID proof with you.
Cycle rental is your personal responsibility. Please make sure that you return it back to the Store.

1)Tayeeb bhai - no phone number - has 6 big cycle
2) Abu cycle Shop (Javed) - 9769764899 - 3 big cycle, 4 bmx, 2 sort of bmx
3) Shamim Sidui - 9892784745 - 2 big cyle and 2 bmx

Previous Critical Masses Images

Post Courtesy (Renny)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tungareshwar Ride 31st Jan 08

Sorry for delay in posting.

Tungareshwar Ride was on 31st Jan 08.

15 cyclists had come in for Tungareshwar ride.

Few of us came via train till Virar station and rest rode from Fountain hotel (Bhyander).

Apart from covering such long distance. People were geared up for the climb.

We fueled our self and headed towards mount top at 8am.
Initially it was fun as the surface was rocky and hard.

Then we reached to Shiva Temple at 9:00 am, had a cup of tea, and waited there for some time. And headed towards the mate baba (if I am right), famous for his herbal tea. Which local people informed us. But we forgot about the tea. Because our brain and body was not working as usual it use to be after reaching the top :)

As on the way it was soft mud (almost 2 to 3 inch) every where and deadly incline.

Initially most of us had the power to ride but then slowly some of them got of the bike and started dragging the bikes.
After reaching a point almost every one waited and took a break. Kaushik and Prabbhuda started riding towards the top. Only they completed it first with just 1 or 2 halts.

Kaushik has improved his cycling skills and stamina with
help of TFN and Rnair, oh and ya he was on a flat smooth tyre.

Rest all of us reached there by 11:30 am with our bikes full of dust. There was soft mud ever where, passing vehicles would also spread the mud all around; ultimately we had to cover our whole face.

After reaching top every one was exhausted as it was some 2250 km above sea level and torturing heat, no one remembered herbal tea.

Hats off to all those on single speed. Cycling long distance with out gear is very difficult, at least for me :)

After reaching top we got our self freshened up. Anindya, Amit, Chetan and Rupali left via the same way. 11 of us rode on the other way down hill.

And all of us were on really amazing speeds. As this side road was good.

Moral of the story: - It took us hours to reach the top and just 12 min to reach down.

One of the Best ride... some were cursing initially but later on ever thing was ok. Was fun riding.

All of us started riding towards Virar station. All reached back home safe.
I stopped at a place know as dhata pada(Temple), Family and relatives were
present for a function. Met them all had lunch and by 5 pm i headed towards
Manor (vada) some 40+ km from Virar.

Reached the farm house of Hemant who started the bicycle project along
with Simona.

Very nice place worth riding the Manor spot.

Morning we went to the school distributed 70+ cycles to tribal school kids.
Cycle were given out on two criteria 1st Merit and 2nd Distance covered
daily by the student(walking) to reach school.

Kids were so happy about the whole cycle distribution thing.

If you have old cycle please help them repair and distribute to a needy kid.

more pics

Monday, February 2, 2009

second Critical Mass Mumbai

What a superb ride!

75+ cyclists turned up for 2nd Critical Mass Mumbai.

At 5 pm we were only 5 to 6 cyclists, but then people reached in group of 5, 10 and 15 almost at 5:30, so we were surprised and energized after seeing cyclists in good numbers.Also few cyclists joined us on the way. As few of them were late.

There were journalist from Afp, DD, Hindustan Times (please note this time HT Journalist Damini rode along with us, Thank you for the support and hope to see you and other for more rides in future :)

We left Shivaji Park at 5:45 pm. and rode through Tulsi Pipe road till Haji Ali, we covered some 7 km. Some left for Nariman Point to relax and cyclists who stay near South side of Mumbai left for their home. And some of us headed back to Shivaji Park and from there towards our home.

No injuries or accident, because all of us were riding together in a group.

This time we could notice a lot of elderly people joined in for the ride. next time two more legends are suppose to ride along with us. they have committed. Both are in the age group of 75 to 80 old.

It was fun. Thanks to all the rides for making this event memorable.

Also keep coming in for rides. Don’t want to write long story and bore you all. Enjoy Images

Images by Anindya

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


11th Jan we rode cycle on Manori, Gorai and Uttan roads.

This island is just besides Mumbai, or you can say some parts come under mumbai judistriction. You will notice less number of vehicles on this patch.

To reach the destination we took a boat at 8 am from Marve (Malad) to other side Manori. We started late. Normally our ride starts by 6:30 or max 7 am. But since it is winter, people tend to wake up late, and also climate is ok to ride even after 10 am.
10 cyclists had joined for the ride, Also some fresh face. Was impressed to ride along with Vinod(54 yrs), he was fast and covered approx 65 km from Juhu side.

Most of the Uttan, Gorai and Manori stretch is covered with trees on both side. So you really don’t bother of time. As by the time we reached the start point it was 2pm. But worth riding cycling on gorai and uttan roads.

Also if you notice the Mountain behind is at Uttan dead end in the pic. There is a steep slope from the top. Which Kaushik and Rahul did it twice. And also you can see Naigaon on the opposite side.

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers

We rode back to start point and after reaching there we saw a Bor wala(Tamrind, Jujube, etc vendor), it remind every one of us school days.

Vikas and Anil rode towards Madh island and crossed Versova and rest of us headed towards link road from Marve.

Will try to organize a ride soon again on the same stretch if people request.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Critical Mass Mumbai

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers

What a superb Critical Mass in Mumbai on 27th Dec 08.

Can be called as the first CM officially because the first was done in 2001 by group of college students, but then not one bothered of doing it again.

So after 7 years CM has been started in Mumbai again.
This will continue every last Saturday of the Month at Shivaji Park so be there.

Altogether 46 Cyclist were present for the ride. Was accepting some where between 60 to 100 cyclists.
Half of them were fresh face. Please do come for the next CM. (don't disappear).

However because of festive season most of them didn't turn up. Never the less, ride was successful.

We started at 5:45 pm because of Media. And also a group of college students had come, who work with a NGO Pukar. They came to take down some pointers from cyclists. They are collecting data and will be coordinating again with us.

We reached Juhu in about a hour's time.

Very impressive ride. Lot of young and energetic faces. Please maintain the same energy and momentum. We have to achieve lot of things in Mumbai for cyclists.

There was no causalities luckily or any kind of accidents.

Some thing we learned from the ride.

Some where just going a head and some were way behind.
So the motive of CM was lost. We are also planning to make some small banners which can be hooked on to T-Shirt or Bag. So that we are notice on roads.

Click Here for More Images
All images by Hitesh

For People who are not aware of Critical Mass Ride

Click the link

Monday, December 1, 2008

Candle March Ride...

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
Following the terrorist attack on Mumbai, We deiced to drop the plan of Critical Mass Mumbai ride.

We decided to meet on a Sunday and decide the next CM plan. Sorry for not inviting others, as this was sudden.

Meet point was Aarey colony at 7 am.

People who joined for the ride were, Raksha, Seema, Manish, Ashok, Prakrit,

Balram, Noel, Akshay, Kunal, Praneti and two friends forgot their name, and me.

It was a pleasant morning in areay colony; we decided up on the normal route what we ride. However after reaching half way Manish suggested a new trail(Sun Set point). Very nice place. We were deciding upon the CM plans and strategies about how to make Mumbai free from traffic and other problem. blaw blaw blaw.

Balram suggested of riding till Nariman Point coming Sunday. However some one
From the group murmured of doing the trip today itself; that’s on 30th Nov.

Some how all of us agreed and one of Raksha's friend was attending the peace walk near Taj (Church gate).

So we decided and started riding towards Taj at 9 Am in the morning.

We reached Taj at 11:30 am along with some flowers; distance covered was 44 km.

But unfortunately we couldn't get in the place as people had started creating a mess every where. As you can see in the image. More Images

Cops were asking people to leave the place. But since we were on cycle some cops were kind enough to us and allowed us to stay back. So some of us tried to take the flowers, but again were not allowed :(

Then later on we had a big glass of Sugar Cane juice opp to Taj Hotel.

We agreed to windup for the day. On our way had some heavy snacks, since it was already time to have lunch, and also had to ride back another 40 km.

We opt Harbor line to ride back, as that is much closer as compared to western Mumbai.

A very nice and a long ride after few months.

Cheers to all the three girls for riding along. Keep up the good work.

Next ride National Park (Borivali).

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello Bikers,

Coming Sunday 23Nov 08 I will be riding areay colony.

Let me know who all are in.

Meet up time at 7 am western side aarey entrance.

Some one from TOI wants to meet us to know more about group and ride
details. So hope more number of people turn up.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Critical Mass Ride Mumbai

Hello all you bikers and People who care for Environment,

This is to inform you all that Critical Mass ride is going to happen this month on the 28th Nov 08 in Mumbai. From (Dadar Shivaji Park to Juhu Beach) just one side.

Ride will start by 5:30 pm from Shivaji Park (Dadar)

And depends on traffic when we reach Juhu (andheri).

Distance covered will be approx 10 km.

Be prepared, may be cops may block us from riding. But we will not adhere to their command.

We have not organized any rally so we don't need any permit.

If you want get Posters and fliers (But not too big) to show you care for environment or you care for Cyclists on road. (may not be a good idea, but i will be getting)

current situation.

If you say Mumbai is polluted and congested and many such (PROBLEMS) sitting in a vehicle or at home and blame govt, you are not right. GOVT should listen to our voice. So we ride for things to be sorted.

This will also benefit for people who drive their car daily. because if you ride cycle with us for one day; it will inspire others to ride and you make way for your car to reach on time and fast.

So the point is

- The whole system is a big MESS. Need to rearrange it. Not completely but at least some part of it.

I guess every knows this Phrase.

"If not Me., then who: if not now, then when?"

So please spread this to as many people as possible.

Also don't forget to get as many people for the ride.

PS: Date and times are fixed no changes (as Friday; 5:30 is a office time so will get a chance to be noticed and seen by many people)

No offence: - If Marathi manoos really care for Mumbai and can support Raj Thackeray.

Then I don't see any offence in riding CM and supporting this cause. Hope to see all Maharashtrian reading this mail for the ride.

-> If you are looking for cycle rentals from bandra do let me know.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ride_Alert_Marve_Mhad 1st Nov

Meet Time: 6:30 am
Meet Point: Mith Chowky near old Uncles Kitchen

Contact: anoop(dot)

Helmet / Cap
Water / Energy Drink(electral,Glucon-D, etc.)
Light Snacks
Cash (useful for emergency)

Meeting point is mith chowky, we ride till Madh Jetty, rest for some time.. and head back.
Roads are good condition and also during morning hours vehicles will be very less.

keep cycling.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


People give out your old bikes if you are not using it.



Give your old bicycle to a village school child

In villages located a couple of hours outside Mumbai, there are several children walking miles to get an education. This is the generation that will bring about a change for the better – for their families, their villages, and who knows, maybe even the country and some day, the world!

Going to school is the most important thing for these kids – and they know that. Which is why no distance is too long – and walking for hours is normal because missing school is not an option. Whether rain or shine, blistering heat or freezing cold, these children do their best to get to school on time, everyday.

We're asking you to help these children by being part of
the bicycle project.

What is the bicycle project?

We're collecting your old bicycles, which are probably of little use to you now and lie rusting on the terrace,compound or behind the garage. After giving them a new lease of life, we're going to deliver these bicycles to the village kids in and around Maharashtra.

Phase 1 of this project will help children in the villages of Thappar Pada, Wada and Vikramgarh.

You will be able to come and visit these children at any time if you wish to see how your simple gift of an old bicycle can make a huge difference to their lives.

Why should you bother helping?

Well, we're hoping it'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside that comes from helping those less fortunate than you. But honestly, if you care about the state of our country, its easy to see that children's education is a number one priority right up there with the nutritious food, clean water and unpolluted air – things that children all over the world rightfully deserve. Your bikes, bought for a number of reasons, are lying useless and gathering rust. That same bike can get a child to school – a child who might turn out to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or even a scientist some day.

What do you have to do?

You could pick up the phone and call Hemant or Sangeeta Chhabra on these numbers022 65701730 or 9820149022 or you could email them at sangi2007(at) They'd be happy to have the bikes picked up and refurbished at their own cost, after which they will pass them on to deserving village children.

Who are these people?

Hemant and Sangeeta believe in the strength of togetherness and community – they want to make a difference in gentle and practical ways. One of them is by building an organic, sustainable environmentally friendly farmhouse called HideOut in Jhadpoli village. This has been the base for several camps where city kids are exposed to the nuances of rural life and are gently reintroduced to the concept of nurturing nature. Adults too are welcome here to relax, to reconnect with themselves and to de-stress from the rush and push of daily life.

Why are they going to all this trouble?

After interacting with their tribal and villager neighbours over the last 20 years, this couple has been wanting to give back in as many ways as possible, to these simple folk. This was the germ of the idea behind the Bicycle Project. This is not about collecting funds, starting an NGO or roping in celebrities to get media attention. They just want these kids to stay in school and secure a chance for a brighter future. Wouldn't you?

Warm Regards
Sangeeta & Hemant Chhabra
For Hide Out
off 29209030
(Mob) 9820149022

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

National Park Ride (26-Oct-08)

Meet Time 6:45 - 7 am.
Meet Point: National Park Gate(Borivali)

Contact: anoop(dot) please mail me will forward the concered person number.
as i will not be riding for 2 to 3 weeks.

People Coming from far may try using the trains(since the place is not far from the Borivali Railway station.Procedure:Buy usual railway ticket.Then visit station masters office on platform and ask for receipt to carry cycle in luggage compartment. Costs-117-120 Rs. Please ask before hand if the same receipt can be used for return journey.
National Park entry is charged. Rupees 20 for cycle. So please carry cash.

Also please carry:

Helmet / Cap
Water / Energy Drink(electral,Glucon-D, etc.)
Light Snacks

Cycling in National Park is really awesome. No pollution. Hope to see many cyclist.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bike Tour of Nilgiri

Hi Bikers,

Ravi Ranjan Kumar from Bangalore along with Rakesh and Rajesh Nair and few others have organized Tour of Nilgiri. Bike ride in the Blue Mountains (Nilgiri), Southern Part of India.

This going to be a 7 days ride taking you through most
of Blue Mountains.
Plan is to cover 125Kms every day, and restricting it to Road racer bikes only.
For more detail please have a look at Blog

Just FYI, the total cost of the 7 days tour could be about 10K rupees,
and we plan to spend and divide it equally among participants without
making any profit, as that is not the intention. The intention is to
promote the Eco-tourism.

cycling in Nilgiri Mountains will be fun...

Aarey Colony Cycle ride 19-Oct

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
Another cherish able ride.

It was fun. There were 17 cyclists all together.

I still remember 15 June, when 13 cyclists had turned up in aarey colony.
Just we four were present in that ride. (asif, praful, vikram, anoop)

Rest all for today's ride were fresh faces. (13), I mean they were just fresh for the aarey ride. Most of them have come for other rides as well.
(romit, ruchika, renny, aditya, vikas, ben, venkat, noel, prabdhua,
kaushik, yogi, vikram, nelson)

There are lots of cyclists in Mumbai and around, and a couple of cyclists couldn't make it today as some work had come up.

More Images

Ride was fun; we also did some off road. Thanks to Ben.
Will upload some more photos later. As I get them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kanpur bomb blast on (cycle) 14 Oct 08

what the hell is wrong with terrorist.

Is it not the responsibility of cops to check from where RDX and other stuff comes, instead of accusing and find the cycle owner.

people lock you cycle any where you go.

Check the link for more info