Friday, October 3, 2008

Cycle to Work

I hear lot of people have started cycling to work.

Fellow cyclists who cycle to work in Mumbai are Raksha, Ashok and Mallik. Want to keep a track please let me know who all cycle to work in Mumbai.

Since Oil prices have gone high. And will keep going high. Check this link

And to maintain a Car also is a big pain and investment, as compared to a cycle.

While riding cycle, best part is no signal, no cops to harass on the roads and may more benefits.

We make our own roads.

And never to forget the feeling of not polluting the roads after reaching home.

It shapes your body and earth send a little extra love to cyclist.

Its being 9 months I have been cycling to work on Mumbai roads.

People find it wearied, when I tell them I cycle to work.

Now let me tell this to every one, riding a bike for 15 to 20 km is not a difficult task and it can be accomplished in an hour time.

Also you don’t need to have an athlete body. You will develop it gradually.

And gradually you can reduce the time to half an hour or so.

Get a good cycle.

Now the point is Mumbai weather not suitable for riding cycle.

I believe it is one of the best weather to ride cycle or do any physical work.

You will sweat and get tired, so what replenish and get back to work.

While riding cycle always look at your back (don’t turn back) just peep out and keep a watch at the vehicles coming towards you, after a few pedals. This will develop once you have started riding regular.

I wear a jersey and a jeans pant while going to work.

Things to carry along with you while cycling to work.


-helmet or cap


-extra t-shirt & pant (if possible arrange for a locker)

-deo or perfume


Fellow cyclist please suggest if any thing else has to added here.

Always lock your cycle to a stationery object.

Build rapport with the security guards; behave like they are your family members. Hahaha…

Just be a extra careful while riding back home during evening as number of vehicle are more on the roads also lot of unethical drivers.

Who don't care for anything.

Please correct me if i went wrong some where.
Happy Cycling


totobobo said...

bright rear light, if you need to cycle in the dark.
a cap to stop the rain from getting into your eye, if you wear glasses.
Rear mirror for pre-warning, but do look back over the shoulder if you want to change lane or turn.

totobobo said...

"Mumbai weather not suitable for riding cycle.
I believe it is one of the best weather to ride cycle or do any physical work."
I hear exactly the same in Singapore, a lot of people who never try cycling to work said Singapore weather is not suitable for cycling. But if you ask those who do cycle, they will tell you the opposite. In fact the weather is perfect ALL YEAR ROUND during the morning before 9am and evening after 6:30pm. Most who don't cycle would take public transport or driving a car, they never really experience the nice fresh air in the morning- it is a privilege for those who cycle to work :-)

The Bailey Powells said...

We are thinking of moving from London to Mumbai at the end of this year. In London everyone thinks we are odd for cycling into work - and think its far too dangerous!
What is it like cycling in Mumbai? Are there any cycle clubs that we could join? What tips do you have for cyclists moving to Mumbai? We would hope to meet some cyclists if we move.
Thank you!