Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Critical Mass Mumbai

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What a superb Critical Mass in Mumbai on 27th Dec 08.

Can be called as the first CM officially because the first was done in 2001 by group of college students, but then not one bothered of doing it again.

So after 7 years CM has been started in Mumbai again.
This will continue every last Saturday of the Month at Shivaji Park so be there.

Altogether 46 Cyclist were present for the ride. Was accepting some where between 60 to 100 cyclists.
Half of them were fresh face. Please do come for the next CM. (don't disappear).

However because of festive season most of them didn't turn up. Never the less, ride was successful.

We started at 5:45 pm because of Media. And also a group of college students had come, who work with a NGO Pukar. They came to take down some pointers from cyclists. They are collecting data and will be coordinating again with us.

We reached Juhu in about a hour's time.

Very impressive ride. Lot of young and energetic faces. Please maintain the same energy and momentum. We have to achieve lot of things in Mumbai for cyclists.

There was no causalities luckily or any kind of accidents.

Some thing we learned from the ride.

Some where just going a head and some were way behind.
So the motive of CM was lost. We are also planning to make some small banners which can be hooked on to T-Shirt or Bag. So that we are notice on roads.

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All images by Hitesh

For People who are not aware of Critical Mass Ride

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Candle March Ride...

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Following the terrorist attack on Mumbai, We deiced to drop the plan of Critical Mass Mumbai ride.

We decided to meet on a Sunday and decide the next CM plan. Sorry for not inviting others, as this was sudden.

Meet point was Aarey colony at 7 am.

People who joined for the ride were, Raksha, Seema, Manish, Ashok, Prakrit,

Balram, Noel, Akshay, Kunal, Praneti and two friends forgot their name, and me.

It was a pleasant morning in areay colony; we decided up on the normal route what we ride. However after reaching half way Manish suggested a new trail(Sun Set point). Very nice place. We were deciding upon the CM plans and strategies about how to make Mumbai free from traffic and other problem. blaw blaw blaw.

Balram suggested of riding till Nariman Point coming Sunday. However some one
From the group murmured of doing the trip today itself; that’s on 30th Nov.

Some how all of us agreed and one of Raksha's friend was attending the peace walk near Taj (Church gate).

So we decided and started riding towards Taj at 9 Am in the morning.

We reached Taj at 11:30 am along with some flowers; distance covered was 44 km.

But unfortunately we couldn't get in the place as people had started creating a mess every where. As you can see in the image. More Images

Cops were asking people to leave the place. But since we were on cycle some cops were kind enough to us and allowed us to stay back. So some of us tried to take the flowers, but again were not allowed :(

Then later on we had a big glass of Sugar Cane juice opp to Taj Hotel.

We agreed to windup for the day. On our way had some heavy snacks, since it was already time to have lunch, and also had to ride back another 40 km.

We opt Harbor line to ride back, as that is much closer as compared to western Mumbai.

A very nice and a long ride after few months.

Cheers to all the three girls for riding along. Keep up the good work.

Next ride National Park (Borivali).