Thursday, July 31, 2008

Removing Rust from Chain

I am sure bikers,

many of you might have noticed rust on your Cycle chain after the rains.

One of the best and easiest solution.

1) Just take some lime juice, no water just juice (citric acid)
2) Steel wool (kata, mumbaikers will know this) or a spoiled tooth brush.
3) Worn out cloth, just to wipe the dirt.
4) lubrication (Oil, i prefer castrol 2t oil 10 rupees pouch)

Citric acid reacts well with iron oxide (rust).

Just dip steel wool or brush in citric acid and scrub on the chain.
and just wipe it with the cloth.

and just add few drop of oil.

Your cycle chain is clean as new.

Do post a comment after you try this simple cycling clean up.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Extreem Cycling Effects

On 25th Jul Friday. I met with a accident.

Actually while going to office it wasn't raining. However by afternoon it started heavily.

And water logging in Mumbai on road side is not a uncommon issue.

From Dmart (Malad) till mitk chowki is always jam.

I was riding through the extreme left of road.

On a avg speed of 10 km. When suddenly my front wheel got stuck in a big dam hole.
Thanks to our m*%&$^ f&%^% govt and their workers.

I fell right on my face, I tried to protect with my hand, But my hand also went into a diff hole. And i banged to the edge of the hole.

As i was wearing pollution mask, due to the sharp edge it split my nose.

I have got 6 stitches on my nose and 6 on forehead and 2 next to it.

I took stitches with out Anesthesia, so that i feel the pain and next time i ride safe.

But i am wrng.. i know. i will still be free and ride as i want.. do hell with the motorist.

hahaha... this is the next day image. Now my face is swollen. I look like a Alien.

I wish i die while riding a cycle, hey wait not know some time later.
Once i have enjoyed my Life.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pollution Mask

Pollution mask
Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
Pollution in Mumbai is real bad.

When it comes to cycling in mumbai roads, cannot take chances.

It just will degrade every dam thing on the way to lungs.

Ultimately will land up with Chronic Respiratory Problems.

so prevention is better than cure.

I used to tie two bandana on my face. But still i could feel and smell smoke penetrate through my nose.
and top of that breathing becomes a problem.

This mask is very nice. Can breath proper and no more smoke.

Hey do i look like Shredder from Ninja Turtles

thanks to the person who invented it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mumbai Roads hahahahaha

Nothing can solve mumbai traffic problem.

wait a minute... non-motorzied transport can.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Mumbai-bikers @ Churchgate

Hi bikers,

yesterdays trip was fun.

seema, betram, left for nariman point 6 am from bandra. even balram and i was suppose to reach bandra by 6 am.

how ever coz of me.. we left at 6:30 am from malad. i could sleep at 2 am. was on net.

madhav left from andheri with out gear cycle. good stamina.

mallik from kurla, again a avid cyclist.

balram and me reached point at 8 am. we covered in 1 1/2 hour till Nariman point from Malad.

from there we had our snacks and left for churchgate and balaram was planing to leave for alibaug. but no boat service during monsoon :(

on our way back varsha joined us, she stays near kalina. from bandra she caught up highway. we came through link road.

mallik came with us till juhu and headed back to kurla.

only sad part, heat was unberable.


15th June 2008 was one of the best cycling ride.

altogether 13 of us had joined.

we started of at 7 am from areay colony western side.

then we headed to areay milk production unit.

and then towards New zealand hostel.

some bikers had to rush back, since most of them stay far away.

8 of us then left for National Park.

we went near to canneri caves. did a small trek and headed back towards home.

i am not good at writing content.. so please bear with me and if any mistake do let me know.. thnx... :)