Tuesday, January 13, 2009


11th Jan we rode cycle on Manori, Gorai and Uttan roads.

This island is just besides Mumbai, or you can say some parts come under mumbai judistriction. You will notice less number of vehicles on this patch.

To reach the destination we took a boat at 8 am from Marve (Malad) to other side Manori. We started late. Normally our ride starts by 6:30 or max 7 am. But since it is winter, people tend to wake up late, and also climate is ok to ride even after 10 am.
10 cyclists had joined for the ride, Also some fresh face. Was impressed to ride along with Vinod(54 yrs), he was fast and covered approx 65 km from Juhu side.

Most of the Uttan, Gorai and Manori stretch is covered with trees on both side. So you really don’t bother of time. As by the time we reached the start point it was 2pm. But worth riding cycling on gorai and uttan roads.

Also if you notice the Mountain behind is at Uttan dead end in the pic. There is a steep slope from the top. Which Kaushik and Rahul did it twice. And also you can see Naigaon on the opposite side.

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We rode back to start point and after reaching there we saw a Bor wala(Tamrind, Jujube, etc vendor), it remind every one of us school days.

Vikas and Anil rode towards Madh island and crossed Versova and rest of us headed towards link road from Marve.

Will try to organize a ride soon again on the same stretch if people request.

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