Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ride_Alert_Marve_Mhad 1st Nov

Meet Time: 6:30 am
Meet Point: Mith Chowky near old Uncles Kitchen

Contact: anoop(dot)

Helmet / Cap
Water / Energy Drink(electral,Glucon-D, etc.)
Light Snacks
Cash (useful for emergency)

Meeting point is mith chowky, we ride till Madh Jetty, rest for some time.. and head back.
Roads are good condition and also during morning hours vehicles will be very less.

keep cycling.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


People give out your old bikes if you are not using it.



Give your old bicycle to a village school child

In villages located a couple of hours outside Mumbai, there are several children walking miles to get an education. This is the generation that will bring about a change for the better – for their families, their villages, and who knows, maybe even the country and some day, the world!

Going to school is the most important thing for these kids – and they know that. Which is why no distance is too long – and walking for hours is normal because missing school is not an option. Whether rain or shine, blistering heat or freezing cold, these children do their best to get to school on time, everyday.

We're asking you to help these children by being part of
the bicycle project.

What is the bicycle project?

We're collecting your old bicycles, which are probably of little use to you now and lie rusting on the terrace,compound or behind the garage. After giving them a new lease of life, we're going to deliver these bicycles to the village kids in and around Maharashtra.

Phase 1 of this project will help children in the villages of Thappar Pada, Wada and Vikramgarh.

You will be able to come and visit these children at any time if you wish to see how your simple gift of an old bicycle can make a huge difference to their lives.

Why should you bother helping?

Well, we're hoping it'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside that comes from helping those less fortunate than you. But honestly, if you care about the state of our country, its easy to see that children's education is a number one priority right up there with the nutritious food, clean water and unpolluted air – things that children all over the world rightfully deserve. Your bikes, bought for a number of reasons, are lying useless and gathering rust. That same bike can get a child to school – a child who might turn out to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or even a scientist some day.

What do you have to do?

You could pick up the phone and call Hemant or Sangeeta Chhabra on these numbers022 65701730 or 9820149022 or you could email them at sangi2007(at) They'd be happy to have the bikes picked up and refurbished at their own cost, after which they will pass them on to deserving village children.

Who are these people?

Hemant and Sangeeta believe in the strength of togetherness and community – they want to make a difference in gentle and practical ways. One of them is by building an organic, sustainable environmentally friendly farmhouse called HideOut in Jhadpoli village. This has been the base for several camps where city kids are exposed to the nuances of rural life and are gently reintroduced to the concept of nurturing nature. Adults too are welcome here to relax, to reconnect with themselves and to de-stress from the rush and push of daily life.

Why are they going to all this trouble?

After interacting with their tribal and villager neighbours over the last 20 years, this couple has been wanting to give back in as many ways as possible, to these simple folk. This was the germ of the idea behind the Bicycle Project. This is not about collecting funds, starting an NGO or roping in celebrities to get media attention. They just want these kids to stay in school and secure a chance for a brighter future. Wouldn't you?

Warm Regards
Sangeeta & Hemant Chhabra
For Hide Out
off 29209030
(Mob) 9820149022

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

National Park Ride (26-Oct-08)

Meet Time 6:45 - 7 am.
Meet Point: National Park Gate(Borivali)

Contact: anoop(dot) please mail me will forward the concered person number.
as i will not be riding for 2 to 3 weeks.

People Coming from far may try using the trains(since the place is not far from the Borivali Railway station.Procedure:Buy usual railway ticket.Then visit station masters office on platform and ask for receipt to carry cycle in luggage compartment. Costs-117-120 Rs. Please ask before hand if the same receipt can be used for return journey.
National Park entry is charged. Rupees 20 for cycle. So please carry cash.

Also please carry:

Helmet / Cap
Water / Energy Drink(electral,Glucon-D, etc.)
Light Snacks

Cycling in National Park is really awesome. No pollution. Hope to see many cyclist.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bike Tour of Nilgiri

Hi Bikers,

Ravi Ranjan Kumar from Bangalore along with Rakesh and Rajesh Nair and few others have organized Tour of Nilgiri. Bike ride in the Blue Mountains (Nilgiri), Southern Part of India.

This going to be a 7 days ride taking you through most
of Blue Mountains.
Plan is to cover 125Kms every day, and restricting it to Road racer bikes only.
For more detail please have a look at Blog

Just FYI, the total cost of the 7 days tour could be about 10K rupees,
and we plan to spend and divide it equally among participants without
making any profit, as that is not the intention. The intention is to
promote the Eco-tourism.

cycling in Nilgiri Mountains will be fun...

Aarey Colony Cycle ride 19-Oct

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
Another cherish able ride.

It was fun. There were 17 cyclists all together.

I still remember 15 June, when 13 cyclists had turned up in aarey colony.
Just we four were present in that ride. (asif, praful, vikram, anoop)

Rest all for today's ride were fresh faces. (13), I mean they were just fresh for the aarey ride. Most of them have come for other rides as well.
(romit, ruchika, renny, aditya, vikas, ben, venkat, noel, prabdhua,
kaushik, yogi, vikram, nelson)

There are lots of cyclists in Mumbai and around, and a couple of cyclists couldn't make it today as some work had come up.

More Images

Ride was fun; we also did some off road. Thanks to Ben.
Will upload some more photos later. As I get them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kanpur bomb blast on (cycle) 14 Oct 08

what the hell is wrong with terrorist.

Is it not the responsibility of cops to check from where RDX and other stuff comes, instead of accusing and find the cycle owner.

people lock you cycle any where you go.

Check the link for more info

RIDE ALERT (19th Oct 08)

Meet Time: Between 6:30 to 7:00 am on 19th Oct 08 Aarey Colony Trip)

Meet point:

Western Side : Western Side entry for Aarey Colony is at Goregaon/malad on Western Express

Eastern Side: LnT Signal after powai lake off JVLR.
renny will be coordinating for eastern side.

Both sides can co-ordinate and meet at the foot entry of aarey colony
guest house gate.

Contacts: please mail me anoop(dot)

Distance: from one toll naka to other will be less than 10 to 15 km


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keep up the good work(yagnesh)

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
This is very interesting.

I have not met this boy, but we had a lot conservation over the phone.

He is keen in promoting cycling as a means of transport.

Best of luck to you yagnesh, and we are always here to support.

link to his site

Monday, October 6, 2008

Borivali National Park to Gorai_manori and back on cycle

Originally uploaded by Mumbai-bikers
5th Oct 08

Eleven cyclists gathered at Borivali National Park (Borivali).
PS: three had just come all the way from Pune to cycle.

We all started riding by 9 am.
Used bhyander route and rode via kashimira route towards gorai beach.

Took a hault at gorai beach. Refueled our self and then headed towards manroi and then took a launch and headed towards marve. (Malad).

Then via sv road left for borivali national park (start point).


Cycling in gorai and other inner parts was fun.
But cycling on Mumbai roads was bit difficult because of dust and pollution and because of unbearable heat.

Total distance covered 45 km.
Renny 68 km.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cycling from Mumbai to Shirdi (Ahmadnagar) on 31st Oct and back by 5th Nov (600 km)

A group of CYCLIST from JOGESHWARI every year rides CYCLE from MUMBAI to SHIRDI and back. Since last 6 years.

Last year there were 50 cyclists. Although some are missing in the image. Click for more images

A total of 600 km. One side is 296 km; from Mumbai to reach Shirdi on cycle it will take 2 an half days.
So if every thing works well on 2 Nov people will be at Shirdi and on 5th Nov every one will be back home.

This year they will be riding on Oct 31st 08. And already 50+ cyclists have registered.

Rupees 500 is the entry fees. This will include accommodation and food and also any maintenance issues with the cycle. (PS: imported bikes will be excluded since not all the equipments will be available, so please guys carry your stuff in the tempo provided accordingly)
Also jersey and shorts will be provided.

A tempo accompanies them along with 3 to 4 motorbikes, you can check in the image bikes and tempo in the background.
People will be split in group of ten members each headed by a leader.

This is not a fun ride. And also no fooling around.

People get back to me if any concerns.

PS: They are looking for some more sponsors, please look out if any one interested and let me know.

Cycle to Work

I hear lot of people have started cycling to work.

Fellow cyclists who cycle to work in Mumbai are Raksha, Ashok and Mallik. Want to keep a track please let me know who all cycle to work in Mumbai.

Since Oil prices have gone high. And will keep going high. Check this link

And to maintain a Car also is a big pain and investment, as compared to a cycle.

While riding cycle, best part is no signal, no cops to harass on the roads and may more benefits.

We make our own roads.

And never to forget the feeling of not polluting the roads after reaching home.

It shapes your body and earth send a little extra love to cyclist.

Its being 9 months I have been cycling to work on Mumbai roads.

People find it wearied, when I tell them I cycle to work.

Now let me tell this to every one, riding a bike for 15 to 20 km is not a difficult task and it can be accomplished in an hour time.

Also you don’t need to have an athlete body. You will develop it gradually.

And gradually you can reduce the time to half an hour or so.

Get a good cycle.

Now the point is Mumbai weather not suitable for riding cycle.

I believe it is one of the best weather to ride cycle or do any physical work.

You will sweat and get tired, so what replenish and get back to work.

While riding cycle always look at your back (don’t turn back) just peep out and keep a watch at the vehicles coming towards you, after a few pedals. This will develop once you have started riding regular.

I wear a jersey and a jeans pant while going to work.

Things to carry along with you while cycling to work.


-helmet or cap


-extra t-shirt & pant (if possible arrange for a locker)

-deo or perfume


Fellow cyclist please suggest if any thing else has to added here.

Always lock your cycle to a stationery object.

Build rapport with the security guards; behave like they are your family members. Hahaha…

Just be a extra careful while riding back home during evening as number of vehicle are more on the roads also lot of unethical drivers.

Who don't care for anything.

Please correct me if i went wrong some where.
Happy Cycling