Friday, October 3, 2008

Cycling from Mumbai to Shirdi (Ahmadnagar) on 31st Oct and back by 5th Nov (600 km)

A group of CYCLIST from JOGESHWARI every year rides CYCLE from MUMBAI to SHIRDI and back. Since last 6 years.

Last year there were 50 cyclists. Although some are missing in the image. Click for more images

A total of 600 km. One side is 296 km; from Mumbai to reach Shirdi on cycle it will take 2 an half days.
So if every thing works well on 2 Nov people will be at Shirdi and on 5th Nov every one will be back home.

This year they will be riding on Oct 31st 08. And already 50+ cyclists have registered.

Rupees 500 is the entry fees. This will include accommodation and food and also any maintenance issues with the cycle. (PS: imported bikes will be excluded since not all the equipments will be available, so please guys carry your stuff in the tempo provided accordingly)
Also jersey and shorts will be provided.

A tempo accompanies them along with 3 to 4 motorbikes, you can check in the image bikes and tempo in the background.
People will be split in group of ten members each headed by a leader.

This is not a fun ride. And also no fooling around.

People get back to me if any concerns.

PS: They are looking for some more sponsors, please look out if any one interested and let me know.

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