Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aarey Colony Cycle ride 19-Oct

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Another cherish able ride.

It was fun. There were 17 cyclists all together.

I still remember 15 June, when 13 cyclists had turned up in aarey colony.
Just we four were present in that ride. (asif, praful, vikram, anoop)

Rest all for today's ride were fresh faces. (13), I mean they were just fresh for the aarey ride. Most of them have come for other rides as well.
(romit, ruchika, renny, aditya, vikas, ben, venkat, noel, prabdhua,
kaushik, yogi, vikram, nelson)

There are lots of cyclists in Mumbai and around, and a couple of cyclists couldn't make it today as some work had come up.

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Ride was fun; we also did some off road. Thanks to Ben.
Will upload some more photos later. As I get them.


Nagu said...


I live in goregaon. Im 25year old and I dont know cycling. I know people will wonder. Can any one teach me...I always wanted to learn but couldn't make it. Can anyone...

even i want to ride...

Nagu said...

Want learn cycling