Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vote for Cycle Chalao

Your 2 mins to Vote for Cycle Chalao! at 'Spark the rise' competitioncan help us get funded for the year! Deadline is 31st October, 2011, Vote now and make it count!

Here's what to do in next 2 mins:

1st Minute:

2nd Minute:
  • Please forward this email to five of your friends / networks and ask them to vote
  • Copy and Paste this Tweet About Us:
    Help Cycle Chalao! Get Funded, your vote can help put 100s of bicycles on streets n save tonnes of pollution! Click

    Post this status update on your profile:
    Are you frustrated of covering the short distances of your travel by Taxi's, Autorickshaws and your motorvehicle (honk! honk!) wish we had bicycles everywhere and anywhere to cover the first and last kilometers of our journey?
    Give a minute and Vote for Cycle Chalao! before 31st October and spread this to five of your friends!
You will be soon hearing from us again with much exciting news and updates all of which happens because at times when we needed most help, it was you who coached us, inspired us and gave us the skills to building this green venture!

We wish you & your family Happy Diwali - Festival of Lights!
- Team Cycle Chalao!