Thursday, July 31, 2008

Removing Rust from Chain

I am sure bikers,

many of you might have noticed rust on your Cycle chain after the rains.

One of the best and easiest solution.

1) Just take some lime juice, no water just juice (citric acid)
2) Steel wool (kata, mumbaikers will know this) or a spoiled tooth brush.
3) Worn out cloth, just to wipe the dirt.
4) lubrication (Oil, i prefer castrol 2t oil 10 rupees pouch)

Citric acid reacts well with iron oxide (rust).

Just dip steel wool or brush in citric acid and scrub on the chain.
and just wipe it with the cloth.

and just add few drop of oil.

Your cycle chain is clean as new.

Do post a comment after you try this simple cycling clean up.

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