Monday, July 21, 2008

Mumbai-bikers @ Churchgate

Hi bikers,

yesterdays trip was fun.

seema, betram, left for nariman point 6 am from bandra. even balram and i was suppose to reach bandra by 6 am.

how ever coz of me.. we left at 6:30 am from malad. i could sleep at 2 am. was on net.

madhav left from andheri with out gear cycle. good stamina.

mallik from kurla, again a avid cyclist.

balram and me reached point at 8 am. we covered in 1 1/2 hour till Nariman point from Malad.

from there we had our snacks and left for churchgate and balaram was planing to leave for alibaug. but no boat service during monsoon :(

on our way back varsha joined us, she stays near kalina. from bandra she caught up highway. we came through link road.

mallik came with us till juhu and headed back to kurla.

only sad part, heat was unberable.

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richa dhodi said...

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