Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Extreem Cycling Effects

On 25th Jul Friday. I met with a accident.

Actually while going to office it wasn't raining. However by afternoon it started heavily.

And water logging in Mumbai on road side is not a uncommon issue.

From Dmart (Malad) till mitk chowki is always jam.

I was riding through the extreme left of road.

On a avg speed of 10 km. When suddenly my front wheel got stuck in a big dam hole.
Thanks to our m*%&$^ f&%^% govt and their workers.

I fell right on my face, I tried to protect with my hand, But my hand also went into a diff hole. And i banged to the edge of the hole.

As i was wearing pollution mask, due to the sharp edge it split my nose.

I have got 6 stitches on my nose and 6 on forehead and 2 next to it.

I took stitches with out Anesthesia, so that i feel the pain and next time i ride safe.

But i am wrng.. i know. i will still be free and ride as i want.. do hell with the motorist.

hahaha... this is the next day image. Now my face is swollen. I look like a Alien.

I wish i die while riding a cycle, hey wait not know some time later.
Once i have enjoyed my Life.

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Ren_V said...

Hey Anoop,
When I saw your face appear on the screen i was like woah!!

Kya kare these foolish govt. folks...You know, infact that day at Sion too, i came across an open drain.. i thought they have a bloody drain open and water all over the road.. and not even a sign!! what will a poor soul do if he/she were to fall in there! :{

Ride Safe!