Friday, September 26, 2008

Timeout Magazine

Timeout Magazine
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This is a sep-19th to Oct-2nd edition.
This article was all about the active cycling clubs in and around Mumbai.
First let me tell you a bit about me.
Cycling in Mumbai is not fun during peak hours, because of pollution and congested roads; this is almost the same in all part of the world. NO one is ready to quit cars and motorized transport. So I started cycling to work.
Every one talks of pollution and sh*t but no one is ready to sacrifice.
Some one has to sacrifice. So I travel daily approx 26 to 27 km to and fro to office.
And as there was no cycling club in Mumbai, I wanted people to get organized. Ride one day on roads like kings where no motorist messes up with you. Also had a plan to set up a site. But then that is a pain to maintain along with work, cycling and my tybcom studies… and also my nature course.
I want see Mumbai on cycle.
I was featured along with Jo, Kaustab and Yagnesh in this magazine.
Now it’s not just we four, we have Renny from thane, Vikram from borivali, Vikas from panvel... and many more people...
We all have one motive in common... TO SEE EACH AND EVERY ONE ON CYCLE.
Less pollution and congestion. And yes a healthy life.
Happy Cycling

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