Monday, August 25, 2008

Freedom_Ride 067

Freedom_Ride 067
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This is my new mask, which i will be wearing on my way to office.

Thank you Francis for sending this amazing mask.

With this mask as compared to older mask breathing is pretty easy and no smoke or fumes enter.

Its very nice, for mumbai or any other polluted roads. Can breath proper and good material. kind of mixture of rubber and plastic and filter can be replaced in just a min.
and also edges stick to face leaving no gap.

this was the first time i tried, so the filter is still clear, after 8 to 10 hour of ride in the following days.. filter got a dark muddy apperance.

And this time i know who made this mask. can check this site

or mail Francis on totobobomask(at)

thank you Francis.


totobobo said...

Hi Anoop, you are looking cool in your new mask. Thanks for the post!

john said...

great blog,

several months later, how is the mask?