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Tungareshwar Ride 31st Jan 08

Sorry for delay in posting.

Tungareshwar Ride was on 31st Jan 08.

15 cyclists had come in for Tungareshwar ride.

Few of us came via train till Virar station and rest rode from Fountain hotel (Bhyander).

Apart from covering such long distance. People were geared up for the climb.

We fueled our self and headed towards mount top at 8am.
Initially it was fun as the surface was rocky and hard.

Then we reached to Shiva Temple at 9:00 am, had a cup of tea, and waited there for some time. And headed towards the mate baba (if I am right), famous for his herbal tea. Which local people informed us. But we forgot about the tea. Because our brain and body was not working as usual it use to be after reaching the top :)

As on the way it was soft mud (almost 2 to 3 inch) every where and deadly incline.

Initially most of us had the power to ride but then slowly some of them got of the bike and started dragging the bikes.
After reaching a point almost every one waited and took a break. Kaushik and Prabbhuda started riding towards the top. Only they completed it first with just 1 or 2 halts.

Kaushik has improved his cycling skills and stamina with
help of TFN and Rnair, oh and ya he was on a flat smooth tyre.

Rest all of us reached there by 11:30 am with our bikes full of dust. There was soft mud ever where, passing vehicles would also spread the mud all around; ultimately we had to cover our whole face.

After reaching top every one was exhausted as it was some 2250 km above sea level and torturing heat, no one remembered herbal tea.

Hats off to all those on single speed. Cycling long distance with out gear is very difficult, at least for me :)

After reaching top we got our self freshened up. Anindya, Amit, Chetan and Rupali left via the same way. 11 of us rode on the other way down hill.

And all of us were on really amazing speeds. As this side road was good.

Moral of the story: - It took us hours to reach the top and just 12 min to reach down.

One of the Best ride... some were cursing initially but later on ever thing was ok. Was fun riding.

All of us started riding towards Virar station. All reached back home safe.
I stopped at a place know as dhata pada(Temple), Family and relatives were
present for a function. Met them all had lunch and by 5 pm i headed towards
Manor (vada) some 40+ km from Virar.

Reached the farm house of Hemant who started the bicycle project along
with Simona.

Very nice place worth riding the Manor spot.

Morning we went to the school distributed 70+ cycles to tribal school kids.
Cycle were given out on two criteria 1st Merit and 2nd Distance covered
daily by the student(walking) to reach school.

Kids were so happy about the whole cycle distribution thing.

If you have old cycle please help them repair and distribute to a needy kid.

more pics


GauravSatle said...

Hey nice gifting the old cycles to the needy students! Good Work.

Anoop Rajan said...

sorry gaurav saw your comment now.

thank you.

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