Monday, March 2, 2009


This time only 48 cyclists turned up for the ride.May be because of the exams around. So may be kids are busy studying and some forcing their kids to study.

Brian came for the ride. He is 70+ years old, and still rides approx 15km daily. Thank you for coming brain, from all the mumbai-bikers.
Gagan had come all the way from Pune to Mumbai. He happen to come for the critical mass ride.
Thank you for joining us.

This time we really enjoyed CM as we could interact with lot of college students and family near to Welingkars, Podar, Ruia college.

Roads were crowded at places, which is good that we can be noticed. But at some places vehicles were also more. But there were no casualty, as we were in a group.

Please people who ever comes for Critical Mass ride. Please wear a helmet. (a local one cost 350 to 400 rupess(kamachi brand), please check helmet availability with shops

1) #5, Opera House New Queens Road Girgaon Mumbai-400004 Landmark: Opp. Charni Road Station Phone: 022-23678801, 022-23677570
2) #421 Kalbadevi Road Kalbadevi Mumbai-400002 Phone: 022-22014031, 022-22014032

Mumbai Suburbs
Hyper city (Malad)

Central side
Firefox Thane

coming to the point.

we distributed some critical mass fliers to the college folks and also to a teacher. I Wish he puts up on the college notice board.

College students reading this post, if you can help us in posting details and interacting with few guys in the college will help us spread the word.

Few images from March CM

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