Tuesday, March 3, 2009


23rd Feb I was in Thane (yehoor) forest for Mahashivrati Vigil.
Along with my friends and brother. We traveled by BEST Bus.

As every one knows Powai road are in pathetic condition.
I was shocked to see Powai IIT walls demolished and also many trees chopped to make roads wide. For many people this will be a relief for some time (including we cyclist who use road sides).

Wait till 23rd March "TATA NANO" world cheapest car comes in Indian Market.

I can see people owing 2 to 3 Nano cars at one home. one each for all family members. And also one for their pet. :D

All place near road sides will be occupied by Car owners, rickshaw, Truckers and other motorist, as usual in most part of the world.

And not to forget Mumbai's second life line "Best buses" blocking the whole road to load, unload passengers.

End result all commuters will be frustrated. Only civil contracts, Govt officials will be happy as every one gets their share of money.

But in a long run will this help???

Most of the 5 lane expressways in the world are also clogged during peak hours.

So this lands to a simple solution.

BRT and Inspire people to take up Cycling. Will also need some more soultion in future.

Also Controlling the Population in India.


Aalaap said...

That road looks great for some serious off-road action! :-)

Anoop Rajan said...

You are right Aalaap.

may be mumbai-bikers can do a ride coming sunday.

you should visit the Powai road soon.

trust me you won't have seen such a huge mess of road construction and holes any where in mumbai.

LAN said...

hey hi; nice blog; do you know where i can get a cycling helmet?? and other apparels for cycling in mumbai?

Anoop Rajan said...

Lan Drop me a mail. i will help you out.